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Workplace culture and uniforms – understanding your clients and how we can help

A uniform has implications for how a business is viewed, so it is important to choose it carefully, and this is what we can help with.

Some employees feel judged on what they wear to work, which is why a uniform is so important to businesses, as it reduces the options a worker has and creates a consistent look. However how we present ourselves at work has evolved over the years from a strictly formal, corporate look to sometimes a more casual look with comfort becoming more and more important to employees and employers alike.

Many professionals favour the traditional business attire of suits and ties, their thought being that if you dress smartly then you will feel in more of a work frame of mind. When you wear this style of outfit you know you must act professionally. Regularly, smart workwear is associated with being an authority statement and that if you wear a suit you are deemed to be a professional. Certain job roles require a certain dress code to achieve and portray a professional image to customers, clients and even competitors.

However, despite formal business attire being considered ‘traditional’ and even ‘old-fashioned’ by some, this style can still come back into modern fashion. Television shows such as House of Cards, Suits and The Good Wife portraying strong, professional individuals dressed in formal and stylish clothing have brought “power dressing” back on trend in recent years.

We are constantly researching latest trends and fashions to ensure our uniforms stay on trend whilst still being practical and professional.

Many workers have also expressed feeling more comfortable in casual attire when at work as they feel it is more like something they would wear. This may be the reason why we see an increase in a more relaxed dress code. However, some may argue that allowing workers to dress more casually implies that employees adopt a casual attitude. On the other hand, employees who can dress in casual clothing more in keeping with their personalities are likely to have greater confidence and feel more comfortable, therefore their productivity will increase.

Two sides to the coin!

Of course, the setting and environment will ultimately dictate what uniform employers chose for their employees. It is ultimately most important to make a good first impression with a customer and keep in mind what they would expect you to wear and what they would find appropriate.

At TopStitch Uniforms we can adapt to either end of the spectrum and everything in between. We meet with distributors and customers to discuss their needs and requirements and put together a range that will be suitable for the targeted industry.

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