The image is entered into a digital printer which prints the logo in reverse onto a piece of film.  The film has an adhesive backing which melts when heated.  The film is placed onto the flat garment and a heat press is applied which melts the adhesive and affixes the logo to the garment.

Advantages of Digital Heat Transfer

  • Digital quality reproduction of your logo.
  • Ideal for logos with lots of colours and details.
  • No limit to the number of colours.
  • Shadows, gradients and small details can all be accurately achieved.


  • Care is required when washing the garments – wash inside out, do not tumble dry and do not iron the logo.
  • Finished logos have a slightly plastic, shiny appearance.
  • Film may be visible around the outer edges of complex logos.
  • Can be expensive for very small quantities, especially for large logos.

Digital Heat Transfer Cost

The price of digital heat transfer depends on the size of the logo and the quantity of garments.  The higher the quantity of garments, the lower the unit price of the transfer.  Send your logo to us for a transfer price quote.  There is usually no set-up fee for larger orders.